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Davon PCA Blend Medium Dark Roast 100% Arabica

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This coffee bean blend combines three distinct and delicious varieties: Brazil Ceraddo, Colombia, and India.

Brazil Ceraddo beans are known for their smooth and mild taste, with notes of chocolate and nuts. These beans are grown in the Cerado region of Brazil, which is renowned for producing high-quality coffee due to its unique climate and soil conditions.

Colombian coffee beans have a rich and bold flavor, with a slightly fruity and floral aroma. These beans are grown in the mountainous regions of Colombia, where the high altitude and ideal weather conditions create a distinct and complex flavor profile.

Indian coffee beans add a unique dimension to the blend with their spicy and earthy notes. These beans are grown in the hilly regions of India, which are known for producing coffee with a bold, full-bodied flavor.

Together, these three varieties create a well-balanced and robust blend that is perfect for coffee lover that love "coffee kaw kaw". Enjoy this exceptional coffee anytime for a satisfying and complex experience.

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